Few countries have had a history as intense as Poland. Straddling east and west, Poland has long felt influences from both sides. Poland had an unpleasant 20th century, with the Nazi and Soviet occupations, but you wouldn’t realize this from visiting the country now. Poland is now a prosperous and exciting place to visit, with plenty of beautiful towns, great sights, and a mountainous southern area that provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor explorations.


Cultural Icons: Vodka, Dark memories of Nazi and Soviet occupations, sausages, folk music, soviet blocs, beautiful architecture

Prices: Not as cheap as it once was, but still cheaper than Western Europe.

You’ll love: The architecture, the unspoiled rural beauty

You’ll hate: The less-than-frequent train schedules, the ugly soviet blocs,

Difficulties traveling: 


Culture, Arts, and Society: 

Ethnic Makeup: 


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