Travel-worthiness verdict: One of the top countries in the region

Cultural Icons: Buddhism, hill tribes, the Mekong,

Top Destinations: Rural northern Laos, Vientiane

Prices: Very cheap.

You’ll love: The beautiful landscapes, the friendly service, the laid-back atmosphere, the Mekong River, trekking

You’ll hate: The lack of paved roads, the poverty, the lack of big cities

Language(s): Lao is most widely spoken, there are also various hill tribe languages

Ethnic Makeup: A little over half the population is Lowland Lao, the dominant ethnic group. Additionally, there is a varied patchwork of hill tribes and other types of ethnic groups in rural Laos.

Food: Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese foods dominate. There are also various Lao specialties (many of which involve sticky rice), though there is not as much of a distinct national cuisine as there is for say, Thailand or China.

Literature: Coming soon

Visual Arts: Coming soon

Architecture: Coming soon

Music:  Coming soon

Religion: Coming soon

Local Customs and Traditions: Coming soon

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