Good old Japan. It’s a great option for tourists due to its great food, very rich culture, great scenery, fascinating history and amazing temples and shrines. It’s a civilization that has consistently and excitingly reinvented itself many times in history. It’s a world apart from anywhere else, with its very own social customs, unique festivals, and a language like no other. And though it is expensive, it is incredibly easy to travel in, as it possibly has the world’s most developed public transit infrastructure.

Travel-worthiness verdict: One of the world’s top must-see countries

Cultural Icons: Origami, Shintoism, Manga and Anime, Karate, Karaoke, electronics, video games, Onsen, Sumo Wrestling, Consumerism, big cities, rich and varied cuisine, traditional painting, temples, shrines, festivals (Matsuri)

Top Destinations: Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Nikko, Hiroshima

Prices: Expensive

You’ll love: The unique and rich visual culture, the temples and shrines, the food, the public transportationthe service

You’ll hate: The ugly suburban development, the prices

Language(s): Japanese

Culture and Society

Ethnic Makeup:

Japan is one of the most homogenous societies on earth. Only 1.6% of Japan’s population is foreign (Gaijin).

Food: Japanese cuisine is one of the highlights of a visit to Japan. There are many different types of Japanese food, and most restaurants specialize in one of these types of Japanese food. Sushi is the most well known, but many others exist too, such as Ramen, Udon, Soba, Yakitori, Unagi, Sashimi, and Tempura.

Literature: Coming soon

Visual Arts: Coming soon

Architecture: Coming soon

Music: Coming soon

Religion: Coming soon

Local Customs and Traditions: Coming soon



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