We’ll just say it bluntly: Italy is one of the best travel destinations on Earth. It has delicious food, beautiful countryside, gorgeous architecture, and most notably, an incredibly rich variety of sights. Photos can’t even begin to do it justice. It’s pretty much impossible to dislike traveling in Italy. There’s so much to see, so much to love, and so much to do.

Travel-worthiness verdict: One of the world’s top must see countries

Cultural Icons: Opera, Renaissance Art and Architecture, Pasta, Pizza, the Ancient Romans, the Roman Catholic Church

Prices: Cheaper transportation than other places in Western Europe. Accommodation can be expensive, however.

You’ll love: The liveliness of the cities and towns, the sheer number of sights to see, the fascinating and long history, the differences between the regions (food specialties, lifestyle, and history), the beautiful countryside

You’ll hate: The tourist hordes

Difficulties traveling: Rural areas can have few english speakers, pickpockets are common in major cities

Language(s): Italian

Culture, Arts, and Society: 

Ethnic Makeup: 


Top Destinations

Northern Italy and the Lakes


Cinque Terre




The Amalfi Coast


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