Iceland is a world apart. It is, in so many ways, extremely different from the rest of Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, and the rest of the world. iceland is a country that is constantly in formation, with its volcanoes and glaciers molding the country unpredictably and equally fascinatingly. Iceland’s beauties also extend to its culture. For such a small country (in population), it has one of the most incredible literary histories. It’s language is purely Scandinavian in its oldest form. To top it off, there’s a great tourist infrastructure and a wide variety of tours to choose from. 



Travel-worthiness verdict: One of the world’s top must-see countries

Cultural Icons: Viking sagas, whaling controversy, volcanoes, place names that are hard to pronounce, belief in elves

Prices: Expensive

You’ll love: The natural beauty and incredible fire-and-ice landscape, the wide variety of tours

You’ll hate: The weather, the fact that the sky darkens very early in the fall and winter, the prices, the near-lack of public transport

Difficulties traveling: Public transport is rare in Iceland, especially outside Reykjavik, but the variety of guided tours means you probably won’t need it.

Language(s): Icelandic

Culture, Arts, and Society: Iceland is a modern, developed, progressive country that is known for its rich literary heritage. The Viking Sagas are a well-known example of this. Iceland is also reported to have a large number of people believe in small elves, though it is hard to know if this is actually true.

Ethnic Makeup: 93% of the population was born in Iceland.

Food: There’s a lot of international food in Reykjavik. The more traditional Icelandic foods include puffin, whale meat (controversial), lamb, and a variety of other nordic dishes.

Top Destinations

Tours from Reykjavik: The capital of Iceland, with many different tours available, the most popular being the Golden Circle tour.

Akureyri: The largest town in the northern region of Iceland, less touristed than Reykjavik, and with a variety of tours.

The Westfjords: Off the beaten track but extremely beautiful region with large, majestic fjords.

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