Finland is one of those places that’s simply a pleasant place. The culture is unique, eccentric, and is influenced by both Scandinavia and Russia. The lapland, in the north of the country is filled with incredible wilderness and outdoor adventure opportunities. In the south, Helsinki is a progressive, forward-thinking capital with some grand and beautiful architecture. Finland may be expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s a fun, unique and unusual choice of destination.

Travel-worthiness verdict: A good country to visit, but not a regional must-see

Cultural Icons: The indigenous sami culture of the Lapland, the Kalevala, Coffee, Angry Birds, Mobile Phones, retreats to lake houses

Top Destinations: Helsinki, The Lapland

Prices: Very Expensive.

You’ll love: The natural beauty, the russian-influenced buildings of the capital

You’ll hate: The prices

Language(s): Finnish

Culture and Society

Ethnic Makeup:



Visual Arts: 




Local Customs and Traditions: 

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