The introverted traveler, Part II: 3 hostel tips for geeks and nerds who want to travel

30 Mar

Geeks and nerds can be great world travelers, if they want to be. As I discussed in my previous post, there are numerous reasons travel is beneficial for introverted types of people. But how to make travel happen and make the most of it? From my experience as a geeky traveler, here are my top tips:

1) Talk to Other Travelers – and Don’t Worry!

Few places are better geared towards meeting new people than a hostel. Whether it’s the classic “where are you from?” icebreaker or something more spontaneous that arises due to a particular situation, one friendly greeting or question in a hostel can be the first step towards a new friendship. And don’t constantly worry about how you’ll be perceived by others. In a hostel, people aren’t going to be jerks. Even if you met someone who was, you probably wouldn’t have to see them ever again after a few days.

2) Know to recharge during times you think you should be outgoing – it’ll happen

If you make a friendly enough impression, there will be times when you’ll be invited out on a pub crawl, invited to dinner, or something along those lines. Sometimes, though, as introverts, we need “me” time. If you turn down a request, make sure not to appear rude, and to suggest “maybe another time”. This way you’ll show that you’re available for a good time later in the trip.

3) Don’t flaunt your knowledge about a particular topic, or correct people. Basically, don’t be a pretentious travel douchebag

So many geeks, including myself at past times in my life, have made this mistake and its absolutely cringeworthy. But people hate it. No one likes someone who enjoys correcting people with something like “that’s Ukrainian, not Russian!”. When you say stuff like that, you’re not only coming across as a pretentious douchebag, but you won’t make anyone less inclined to mistake Ukrainian words for Russian words. The other thing about this, is that in general, you don’t want to flaunt your knowledge. Don’t show off that you know which place is the most westernized in some obscure country, or which country Borscht is from (Although there’s nothing wrong with learning about either of these things). Listen to what others have to say, and don’t just talk about yourself.

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