3 reasons South Korea is a great country for first-time visitors to Asia

21 Jul

I’ve been traveling around South Korea the past couple of weeks. It’s a great country with wonderful attractions and parks, as well as a fascinating language, cuisine, and culture. Korea’s culture is rightfully seen as the least well-known of the big three East Asian countries (the other two being Japan and China). But South Korea is well-worth visiting. In general, I think it would be my top choice to recommend a first-time visitor to Asia. Here are three reasons why:

It is easy to travel in

The only major difficulty when traveling here is the language barrier. But on subways, enough is signposted in English that you can find your way around. A few phrases of Korean, as well as some basics of the alphabet, are good to learn.

Other than that, South Korea is an easy place to travel. Public transport goes everywhere and is almost always on time, and sights are well-signposted.

It is not as expensive as Japan

Like Japan, South Korea is a rich country with a high standard of living. However, a lot of things in South Korea are cheaper than they would be in Japan. The most notable examples are taxis and food. There are far more budget eating options, offering a wide variety of Korean food, for less than 10 us dollars (around 10,000 korean won), in South Korea than there are in Japan.

It is an unfamiliar (to westerners) but developed country

Chances are, a first time visitor to Asia will want to visit developed parts of the continent. While Southeast Asian countries entice many first-time visitors to Asia as well, it is still easier to travel in a developed country for obvious reasons. South Korea gives a great taste of an Asian culture while being a developed, largely hassle-free country to visit.

The bottom line is that South Korea provides an easy trip, and a great Asian experience at a cheaper price than Japan. Japan may have more big-name sights, but South Korea is a great, more budget friendly alternative.

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