The 25 great nations of Earth

5 Mar

There are about 196 nations in the world. Some are nations of old-world, great civilizations that have existed for thousands of years, such as China. Others are immigrant nations of the New World, such as the United States. Others are patchworks of fascinating indigenous ethnic groups, such as Tanzania. And others are nations of an ethnic group that, like many of those in Eastern Europe, for a long time, never had their own nation until some point in the last few centuries. 

I originally wanted to make a list of seven nation wonders of the world. These would be seven major countries that would each be part of a different world region, that were highlights from a travel perspective. These countries would be known to have particularly rich cultures, or a immense role in history, and they’d all be lots of fun to travel in. But I could never quite choose what seven nations to choose. So the list ended up expanding to 25. If an alien was visiting 25 countries on Earth to get to know its history, I’d recommend they’d visit these 25 countries for the following reasons.

The USA: For its fascinating “melting pot” of immigrant ethnicities and iconic national parks.

Panama: For its fascinating biodiversity.

Peru: For its beautiful scenery and ruins of the Inca civilization.

Brazil: For its fascinating melting pot of indigenous and immigrant cultures, as well as the mind-boggling biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

Australia: For its beautiful weather, wildlife and scenery.

United Kingdom: For its incredibly influential role in global history.

Germany: For its blend of old-world charm and 21st century modernity.

Spain: For its unique culture, unique landscape, and great food. 

Italy: For its rich sightseeing opportunities.

France: For its diversity, and its capital which ranks among the world’s greatest cities.

Russia: For its vast size and incredible natural beauty.

Turkey: For its fascinating history and lively capital whose culture is a mix of east and west.

China: For its natural diversity, great cuisine, and its history as one of the greatest and most unique civilizations on Earth.

Japan: For its fascinating ancient traditions that today coexist with the technology and living standards of the 21st century. The food is incredible too.

India: For its incredible diversity, food, history, and size.

Thailand: For its friendly locals, great activities for tourists, and great food.

Indonesia: For its incredible diversity and natural beauty, spread out across many islands.

South Africa: For its interesting patchwork of cultures and beautiful scenery.

Tanzania: For its highest peak, also the highest in Africa (Kilimanjaro), and its fascinating indigenous cultures.

Morocco: For its rich culture, food, scenery, and history.

Ethiopia: For its fascinating historic sites, great cuisine, and rich culture.

Iceland: For its incredibly unique ever-changing landscape.

Poland: For its old-world charm and unique position between East and West.

The Netherlands: For its gorgeous towns and canals.

Nepal: For its immense peaks.

Also, I am aware that there are more reasons to visit these countries than the reasons above, and I do not want to generalize. These countries, I believe, are great to visit, however, and in large part, the reasons listed above help them stand out.


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