Thoughts on the Netherlands, part I

24 Apr

I loved the Netherlands. I loved it more than Scotland, and for someone who usually prefers rugged countries, that says a lot about my views on the Netherlands. I loved the canals. I loved the windmills. I loved how cosmopolitan it was. I loved the public transport. I loved a lot of things about it.

To me, the Netherlands is one of those countries, more so than many other countries, which you have to experience to really understand. It’s a country whose travel experiences are more than the sum of its parts.

When I first arrived in the Netherlands I thought “this would be a great country if only it had mountains!”. But over time, I began to realize that the country’s flatness and uniqueness of its own eventually forces you to realize that if it had mountains, it wouldn’t be the Netherlands many travelers know and love. The flatness of the landscape forces you to find other charms to the country, some of which can only exist in a flat landscape. These include the canals, the perfectly straight bike paths, and the unique dam system. 

Amsterdam was an enticing and unique city. It’s canals make it a city like no other in Northern Europe. It’s museums are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. It’s public transport is incredibly efficient. It is a city, in short, like no other on earth.

And that’s only the largest city. In upcoming posts I will discuss the other cities I visited.

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