The Netherlands: first impressions

13 Apr

I’m back again after a month-long break from my travel blog, and I’m typing this from my hostel bed in Den Haag, the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for its capital, Amsterdam (which I will be seeing later in the trip), but there’s so much more to it.

My first impressions of the uniqueness of the Netherlands came before I touched down on the ground. Flying into Schiphol Airport on a plane, you can see how neatly the country is “arranged” from a birds-eye view. Everything looks so ideally and tidily organized. The rectangular fields are bordered by bike paths and roads, which make their way from small square-shaped villages through the landscape. The landscape, with its fields, lines of trees, and windmills, is the most unique flat landscape I have ever seen.

When I got off the plane and into the airport, I was blown away by the infrastructure (more so than in the big airport in Madrid). Everything looked cleaner and more contemporary than in Spain, Britain, or America.

I then got on the train at Schiphol airport to go to the Hague. As I expected, the Dutch train was a smoother ride, steadier ride than anything I’d ridden in Britain or America. The train coasted through the countryside as I went past fields with windmills and villages next to them, and bike paths making their way through the landscape.

I then got off the train in the Hague and went for some tasty Indonesian food in Chinatown, then made my way to the hostel, had dinner after relaxing fo ra while, and here I am.

The Netherlands is incredible. I already feel this day has turbo-fueled my love of travel more than my first day in any other country. And I haven’t even visited a single museum yet.

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