5 reasons I love Spain

21 Feb

I am in Spain right now. I have been so far to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Cordoba, and will visit Valencia tomorrow. What do I think of it? It is awesome. The country is so incredibly beautiful, the people are great, the food is great, and the sights are great. Here are five reasons I love this country

1. It has all the conveniences of a modern, globalized nation, but also feels very Spanish

Spain is globalized, with an American chain restaurant here and there (though not as many as I thought I would see), a huge festival in Barcelona with a “Gangnam Style” parade on the Ramblas, lots of Asian restaurants, etc. But Spain is also very Spanish. Few people speak english in Madrid (In Barcelona many people do though), there is a lot of regional pride, and for every American chain restaurant, there seem to be at least six surrounding Tapas Bars or food shops showing off the local cuisine. The Tapas bars are great. I love how Madrid has many Tapas bars that represent different parts of Spain. They are all small “hole in the wall” places, but the tapas and raciones they serve are so tasty.

2. It’s warm

Spain is warm, even in February. The Madrid area is chilly, but as soon as I get off the AVE train Andalucia, it feels warm. Not too hot, but not too cold.

3. The People

The locals I meet on trains and in tapas bars are curious to know what a tourist like me thinks of Spain, and are impressed by my knowledge. The country is very friendly, apart form the pickpockets.

4. The Sights

Spain has so many sights, and each area seems to be good at different types of sights, though all types of sights can be found in all areas really. Want to see Moorish palaces? Head to Andalucia. Want to see great art museums? Head to Madrid. Want to see a variety of great history museums and a great old town? Head to Barcelona. Everywhere you go in Spain, there are great sights.

5. The Architecture

I love the architecture in Spain, both the old and the new. Barcelona with Guadi’s buildings. Madrid with its royal palace. Seville with its white Mediterranean-style buildings. Cordoba with the Mezquita. I love the architecture, and everywhere you go, it is different.


Spain is an awesome country. It is incredibly varied, in climate, landscape, architecture, and sights. It feels very authentically Spanish. It is just a great place to come and everyone should visit.


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