Two things I am fed up seeing on other travel blogs

11 Dec

I’ve been blogging too much as if the world of travel is nothing but a magical wonderland in which everyone is always going on wonderful adventures, eating good food, meeting great people, visiting beautiful cities, etc. So time to shake things up a little. Today, I’m not talking about this magical but a little gritty part of city X or the many experiences in country Y. No. Today I’m in the mood to rant so I’m going to go on a rant.

It’s about two things I find completely cliche and am so sick of seeing on travel blogs. It seems that so many travel blogs have at least some of these elements, and I’m bored of it. I’m not going to mention specific blogs here, but what I will do is let out my feelings about two very common things I see in travel blogs that have become so routine for me to see. I have also learned a lot of great things on travel blogs, but some things are really getting old.

1. People saying “Anyone can afford to travel with enough determination to see the world…”

Yes, I get that there’s a lot of cheap ways to travel and there are things you can do like WWOOF that pretty much make accommodation no longer a cost you need to worry about. But I am so sick of bloggers writing about how “it’s not about the money, it’s about willingness to embrace the world…”

The fact is that, as much as I hate to say it, in the real world, money matters, and not everyone can afford to travel. Yes, there are ways to get cheaper flights, get cheaper accommodation, and eat cheaply, but few people can realisitically afford as many trips as some of these travel writers go on. And when people say “if you want to enough, you can quit your job and travel the world”, what they fail to realize is that its not an option for everyone to just live traveling all the time. It’s harder than they realize for many people to leave the eat, sleep, and work routine and it makes it worse when they keep going on about how they realized that somehow this lifestyle makes you a slave to a corporate tyranny or that you don’t belong in that lifestyle. Yes, it’s probably great if you can live traveling, however, lots of travel writers fail to realize that these are financially difficult prospects for many people.

2. Southeast Asia this, Southeast Asia that

I swear if I see one more travel blog that’s 70% southeast Asia, 20% Europe, and 10% Latin America I think I’ll go insane. Every one of these travel blogs goes on and on about how you should always make sure to get off the beaten path, and yet somehow, the only place these people explore heavily is Southeast Asia. I’m not denying that Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to visit, however, I think more of these supposedly adventurous travel writers needs to change it up and maybe do Russia, India, China, or Africa. While those places may not have as good a backpacker infrastructure as Southeast Asia, does that really need to matter for a trip? If you’re determined enough, you can get around any reasonably safe country with a “backpacker” element to it. You can be creative, maybe go in tour groups that start at one location and end in another, then independently travel for a while, and repeat the process, etc, until you get to the other end of your itinerary. I am so sick of no one looking beyond Southeast Asia, Europe, or Latin America for great travel experiences. Maybe people can be more adventurous for a change.






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