How to save money in the UK

11 Dec

The UK is notoriously expensive. The most common criticism I hear about London on travel sites is that you need a lot of money to make the most of it. So today I wanted to write about ways to save money in the UK.

1. Buy train tickets in advance

The UK is notorious for it’s unpredictable train prices. However, from what I’ve read, buying in advance really helps. The trains, which have become less predictable and more expensive ever since privatization, are not the most efficiently run in the world, and commuters in the UK have made complaining about them into a national pastime. However, it’s still a relaxing and scenic way to see the country.

2. Eat Pub Grub

The British love their pubs. Although there are fewer rural pubs then there used to be, the traditional British pub is still a wonderful place to go for cheap and traditional British food. Pubs have, in order to compete, had to improve their food to be successful in recent years, as globalization has meant people are tired of British food being bland and stodgy.

3. Make the most of free museums

While special exhibitions in British museums cost quite a bit of money, most of the museums are mostly free. This means that a fundamental type of tourist attraction won’t drain your wallet. Save money by spending time in the museums, as they often have a wealth of information about the fascinating history of the UK. Don’t just visit free museums. Visit the essential other types of sights as well, such as castles, but know that free museums are usually an option.


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