City Rating: Edinburgh

14 Nov

So for this post, I will be writing a traveler’s review of the city of Edinburgh. I will rate the city out of 10 (1 being a boring town with no character and nothing to do, 10 being a world-class, incredible city). I will rate the city (MY OPINION) out of 10 first in each of 4 categories: food, attractions, character (The easiest way for me to explain this is that to me, a city with a lot of character is especially interesting to walk through), urban planning..

I then take the average of those ratings of the categories and find the average. Then, to find the overall rating I will add 1.5 to that average, unless it would mean going beyond 10. If I felt that it took a lot of money to have a good time in the city, I will take 1 point away from the overall rating afterwards. If I felt that it was very good value (staying in a hostel), I add 1 point to the rating. After the overall rating, I will write about what I would improve upon to make the city a 10/10 city.


FOOD: 5/10

I loved haggis and found plenty of great international restaurants. The food in many of them, however, was fairly bland and quite overpriced.


To me, this is where Edinburgh truly shines. The castle is crowded but absolutely fascinating. The crown jewels of Scotland are incredible. There are plenty of other attractions too, like the national museum of Scotland and the national gallery. Every museum is great at displaying what it wants to display.


Edinburgh disappointed me in this way. The city has some great places, and the different hills and gardens in different areas definitely jazz things up a bit. However, there was one thing that I really hated, and that was the color of the buildings. The architecture was ornate but the buildings were all the a very similar color, and this bothered me. If it hadn’t been in a cloudy, rainy part of the world, maybe I’d think of it differently. The buildings are not nearly colorful enough for my taste. Just something about it was very dull.


There’s some things I love about Edinburgh’s urban planning. For example, I appreciate how the would-be boring areas near the station are surrounded by gardens and have good views of the castle above. This helps make the eyesore, cut-the-place-in-half train station stand out less. However, I did not like how crowded and noisy the roads were. People drove fast, there was little time to cross the road, and the roads were very wide in many places. The pedestrian-friendly areas near the castle were crowded with tourists. As for public transport, I wish there had been a tram system, but they are now building one. The buses were very frequent, however, and for this I have to say the public transport was better than I had expected.

OVERALL: 7.5/10 (Average of category ratings + 1.5 – 1 for being expensive)


If I could do anything I wanted to improve Edinburgh, I would…

  • Give the city some flashy, colorful futuristic architecture that was not too close to the Old Town but not too far.
  • Build a subway system as well as a tram system
  • Open better restaurants
  • Make the roads narrower and the city more pedestrian-friendly


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