Things I love and hate about Iceland

11 Nov

Everywhere I go, whether it’s a country that I spend some time in, a city that I stay in for a while, or a region of a country, there’s always things I love and hate about it. So this time, I’m going to write about the things I love and hate about Iceland.




  • The Landscape. It’s cliche to say this, but its true: it feels like a whole different planet.
  • The cleanliness: I found Iceland to be very clean. I noticed it from the minute I stepped out of the airport to the minute I stepped back in on my way back.
  • The tours: Iceland gets fewer tourists than other Nordic countries, probably because of its isolation. But the tour infrastructure is very well set up and they know how to make a tour organized and fun, whether it’s for hiking, glacier walking, or seeing the golden circle.
  • The viking heritage. The language is fascinating, and believe it or not, more than half the population is unwilling to deny the existence of hidden elves.



  • The public transit. No trains, and the buses don’t come frequently enough. It seems to be a very auto-dependent country.
  • The prices. Everything is so expensive in Iceland. Don’t come here on a tight budget.
  • The food. Considering how much it costs, it’s not refined by any means. They have some very interesting dishes, like Puffin and Guillemot, but in general a trip to Iceland is not a culinary treat.


Iceland deserves to be explored, but like any country, its far from perfect.


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