The Seven Wonders of New York City

12 Oct

New York…a fine example of what a modern city should be. An energetic feel, great public transport, great food, lots to do, whats not to like? As great as the city generally is, like any city, some places just stand out. Some places make us very thankful to be alive to experience them.


1. Times Square

Sometimes you have those simple “wow” moments when you realize just how modern, digital, and capitalist our 21st century America is. There’s no better place to have one of those moments than Times Square. Although the constant ads, noise, and screens blasting advertisements at you may make you feel like you’re in the middle of an ultra fast-paced “Fahrenheit 451” world that’s become dominated by bombarding levels of advertising using the moving image, that’s part of the feel. Times Square speaks to me about our culture and the time we are living in. It’s a grand, exciting place and you should definitely walk through here while visiting New York.

File:New york times square-terabass.jpg

2. The High Line

This place is an abandoned railroad turned into a park, done as perfectly humanly possible. A walk down the High Line, with its open walkway, trees on both sides, and the tops of buildings on both sides, shows you exactly how the urban jungle and the natural jungle can peacefully coexist. It may sound like just a basic walk in a park, but there’s something uniquely beautiful about it as well.

File:High Line 20th Street looking downtown.jpg


3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Few museums have the variety of art found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I go here quite a lot, and each time, there’s always an interesting collection I haven’t seen before. Even when I was younger and didn’t see the point of art museums at all, this was a great experience for me. Why? The arms and armor section.

File:Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpg

4. Coney Island

Coney Island. Once the land of trash, broken down signs, rusty walls, and tacky attractions, now has a great new look to it. There’s new rides, a cleaner look, and just a better feel to the place in general. But what we loved about the old Coney Island is still there. There’s still the Cyclone Roller Coaster, still the Hot Dog stands, still lots of tacky but authentic attractions that remind us of what a traditional American amusement park is supposed to look like. If you’re not into rides, there’s the aquarium too.


5. Central Park

Central Park is a masterpiece of green space in an American city. The park is a great place to just wonder around and explore. There’s different parts of it with different characteristics. The place is crowded, but will still have you feeling immersed in a land of grass and trees that’s somehow smack in the middle of a huge city. When I was younger I liked Rock Climbing and Bouldering, and you can even do this in Central Park. The amount of activities there are in Central Park, whether it’s exploring an interesting building, bouldering, fishing, boating, or just aimlessly wondering around, truly reminds us that New York is a city where there’s nothing you can’t do.

File:Central Park Lake & San Remo.jpg

6. The American Museum of Natural History

Few museums are as iconic as the American Museum of natural history. It’s famous lobby with the dinosaur fossil, the planetarium, the exhibits, everything about this museum is an icon that draws Americans to learn about geology, evolution, space, the climate, and many other interesting topics. There’s so much to see in this museum, and you won’t see it all in one visit. But do come here. You won’t regret it.


7. The Statue of Liberty

Yes, it was a built by the French, and not the Americans. But hey, aren’t most elements of American culture imported from another country? Whoever built it, none can deny that the Statue of Liberty is a grand, fascinating symbol of America. The statue has an interesting history. Back in the late 1800s, many African Americans didn’t want the statue lit until they had rights equal to those of white people. I agree with this. For a long time, America was not truly a free country, and in some ways it still isn’t. America has the highest rate of violent crime among rich countries, highest incarceration rate, and too many people have no problem with media giants like Fox News brainwashing everyone. But hey, it’s still a great statue and the message of liberty reminds us that despite our problems, we’re at least better off in America than in oppressive dictatorships like North Korea.




There’s so many incredible places in New York that I have not included in this blog. The Guggenheim Museum, the Empire State Building, Riverside Park, you name it. But seven is my magic number for listing my favorite things to do in a city, and these are the seven attractions that mean the most to me.

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