City Profile: New York, NY, USA

27 Sep

I’m going to be doing city profile posts at least once every couple of weeks from now on. The idea is that I do a profile of the city, with a city size rating, what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it, and three tips for visiting.

New York, USA

Size: Huge 

What I like: The huge subway system, the energy, the diversity, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, the Food, the variety of buildings, Times Square

What I don’t like: The baking heat in subway stations during summer, the long journey to Manhattan from JFK

Tip 1: Try to venture to Queens or Brooklyn at least once. The international/ethnic food in Queens is cheaper and, in some cases, more authentic than in Manhattan. Brooklyn has a great variety of food too, as well as Coney Island, a classic New York attraction.

Tip 2: Use the subway! It’s safe, often quicker than driving, and is easy to get around if you understand how to use it. It can seem daunting figuring out about express lines and local lines, but it is a very good system and should be used. On the Subway, you’ll see and hear some people talking or playing music. The variation of what you’ll see and hear in the Subway will make you realize just how diverse the city truly is.

Tip 3: Get to know the city! See the tourist areas like Times Square, but don’t limit yourself to that area. Take a walk around different areas of the city and make sure you don’t eat at tourist trap places. Read in advance about how the street layout and subway system works so you can get around like a local. The city is so much more interesting if you get out there and put yourself on the subway trains, exploring the city, and dining where the locals would eat.




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