Tips for visiting Boston from a true local

23 Sep

As I live near Boston, I have decided to write about visiting Boston.

Boston is a wonderful city filled with great historic sights, restaurants, and museums. More than anything else, Boston is a city that blends the old and new. You can be right next to tall modern buildings and colleges with international students, and then be walking around an area with old colonial buildings soon after. The city is not only a blend of old and new, but is also a blend of traditional New England and cultural diversity. It is provincial and multicultural at the same time. The city’s immigrants who come to Boston for an education have a lot to do with this. This is a great city to explore, and here’s my tips for seeing it.

1. See Faneuil Hall, but don’t eat there

There’s a lot of restaurants in Faneuil Hall that seem like they have good food. Most of these places, however, are tourist traps. Plus, you’ll never find a place to sit that hasn’t been taken. Don’t eat at Faneuil Hall. Go out to other parts of the city such as the North End, Chinatown, and the South End. You’ll have much better food at a much better price.

2. Don’t Drive

Don’t drive in Boston. Just don’t. The public transportation has its faults but it is good enough to get you around to the major tourist areas. The drivers here in Boston are very aggressive and in most of the city, finding parking is a nightmare. There can also be heavy traffic. Instead, use the new bike share system, or take the T (the subway). Most of the MBTA system is safe. Just don’t ride the Orange line through Roxbury at night.

3.Take a walk!

Just walking around Boston is a historical treat in itself. Walk through its patchworks of different neighborhoods to get a feel for just how diverse this city truly is. You’ll feel like each neighborhood is a different world. You can walk between the quaint houses of Beacon Hill, then cross a busy street, go past Charles MGH station, and walk across the bridge to cambridge. It’s a very interesting experience, more so than in most US cities. Another great walk is the harbor walk. You can start in Charlestown, then go around the North End and down to South Boston while clinging to the edge of a harbor.

4. Go to more squares than just harvard square

Harvard Square, while it’s got some good restaurants and shopping, is touristy. Make sure you also eat at restaurants near some of the other squares, like Kendall Square or Inman Square. You’ll see another side to the city than many tourists see.

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