Why Travel is important and worthwile in the 21st century

2 Sep

It is often said this day and age that we live in a global village. This is very true. We live in a globalized world. Wherever a tourist would go, there will be plenty of McDonalds, Starbucks, and english speaking staff at attractions. Places that were once faraway, distant lands are now just a quick plane trip away. So I ask myself sometimes: does travel really take you somewhere all that different from home? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

The fact is that as long as there are different political ideologies and disagreements over how society should be viewed and governed, there will be a world of different cultures. The world will continue to progress forward with new ideas, but we will never be living in a global Utopia where there is only one language and every country has the same culture. It’s just not possible when there’s so much contrasting variation in the human race.

Another thing is that globalization can be stood up to, and often needs to adapt to local cultures. For example, the McDonalds in France have higher quality beef and are much more plush and relaxed than the ones in english-speaking nations.

The exchanging of ideas between cultures is an important thing about globalization in the 21st century, but the world will never forget that every culture is from somewhere, and that the heritage of where it started should be protected. 

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